Halloween Anticipation

Once upon a blog post I reminisced about Halloweens past and the costumes we all have worn. This year for Jake & Laney it was no different. We need the perfect costumes. I admit.....while Jake settled on his TMNT Leonardo costume Laney and I decided on Belle only to change it the Monday before her Fall Harvest Festival at school. Take a look at these pictures and tell me if you agree...... after all there were bound to be more than one Belle roaming the halls of the pre~school....but in anticipation of Disney's Tangled opening on November 24th there probably wouldn't be any Rapunzels', right? RIGHT!
We are all ready here at the HTB home for the start of the Holidays!


  1. So cute! Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. They're so big already! Little Laney is just too sweet in her tangled costume! My daughter can't wait to go see that movie!

  3. I know we can't wait either! I have a bit of a dilema, however. I would love to make it a Mommy/Laney "date"...is that wrong?


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