Ghosts of Halloween Past

{My 1st Halloween}
I happen to love this! The wig cracks me up! I LOOK like an old lady!
What I love most tho is the humor behind it!
Most Moms & Dads choose that cutesy costume that is sure
to get the obligatory "ahhhh ~ how cute"!
For sure my parents didn't get that!
And I can imagine the entire family laughing their own wigs off at the sight of little ol' me dressed up like Mrs. Ida Blum from Palm Beach!

{My 2nd Halloween}
Now this costume is, with out a doubt, the most last minute,
what do we have lying around,
costume of the century! It's like my Mom said, "Hey, I have all of these
happy face stickers that came in the mail.....she can be a happy face!"
And I can imagine her quickly, I mean, carefully sticking each
and every single sticker on my hat because she was afraid
if she stuck it to my head it would pull what little hair I had off at the end of the evening!

{My 3rd Halloween}

We're not sure where this costume came from. My sister is sure that our Mom made it....I laugh whole hardily at that because I've seen her try to sit down at a sewing machine to sew. You don't want to be within a throws distance! AND DON'T LAUGH AT HER WHEN SHE GETS FRUSTRATED....AT LEAST WHEN SHE'S SEWING.....SHE CAN SHOOT DEATH RAYS FROM THOSE BEAUTIFUL HAZEL EYES OF HERS!

{I speak from experience on that one!}

But even though my Mommy wasn't as crafty back then as most moms are today. She always made sure that we had costumes that were funny! So for me Halloween isn't some spooky, scary fright fest.

It's a time to dress up and have a laugh.

And that is just the way I like it!

What happened to those days?

Jerry Seinfeld has a pretty funny bit about his Halloween memories.

I hope to keep up the tradition of making their costumes each year.
And I hope that they have as many memories as I do of Halloween parties
with friends and safe, happy trick or treating!

What are your memories?


  1. I gotta tell ya, you are one lucky duck. Not only were your parents fun, but they took and kept all these photos for you and your children (and us) to enjoy. Very lucky indeed.

  2. BAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!! These are great! I think I need to borrow that first one for Lucy this year! hahahahahahah

  3. I'm happy to share all my humiliation! LOL This ain't the half of it! I grew up in the midst of the 1980's people! God help us all!


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