Whatchutalkinbout' Lunch Lady?????

Chicago School BANS homemade lunches!


According to Yahoo news, a Chicago school has actually banned their students (and parents for that matter) the privilege of NOT buying a school lunch. What's the reasoning behind the ban you ask? The principal is quoted as saying,

"Nutrition wise, it's better for the children to eat at the school," principal Elsa Carmona told the Chicago Tribune about the year-old policy. "It's about ....the excellent quality that they are able to serve (in the lunchroom). It's milk versus a Coke."

I would be interested to see the exact lunch menu dumped on these families. And in these tough economic times, the sad part is, for parents and students who do not qualify for the "free lunch" program, the daily $2.25 lunch tag can sometimes be more than the cost of a homemade lunch! Let's not even discuss the cost for parents who have more than one child attending the school at the same time!

I cannot imagine being told that I cannot pack my children a homemade meal. I'm sorry, but a hot dog, tater tots and processed cheese is NOT a healthier option to ham, carrots, crackers & milk! This school has completely lost their mind!


  1. Well, hang on, because in my humble opinion, this is only the beginning.. you're district could be next... thanks for spreading the word. I think your readers/followers will be as passionate..... great post, girl. gotta go now, my big mac's getting cold. LOL just kidding.

  2. p.s. so glad to see that your fabulous photos are back.. whew! nothing like living on the edge of the blogsphere.... r i g h t?

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