Extreme Couponing ~ Oh How I Adore Thee

I don't need 150 candy bars or a lifetime supply of body wash but oh how I love the idea of getting the items I use for FREE or next to free! But I have so many questions and no one to ask! I've watched the show...can't one of them come on over to the HTB home and give me a crash course in EC?

These women (and men) do seem to buy a bunch of crap, but the things like cleaning supplies, TP, & some of the beauty products I think would be awesome to have a small stock pile of. Like my shampoo/conditioner, laundry detergent, etc. The things you use everyday and when they run out you sit there and dread going to the store for. I'd love to walk out into my own little personal HTB supply store & pick it up!

HEY TLC ....




  1. Oh girl, there's TONS of blogs out there that do most of the work for you! My favorites are (you can google them to get the links) Money Saving Mom and Moms Need to Know. And, the Krazy Coupon Lady-- I think she was on the show. She's great. There's even video on there...

    So, no need for them to come to you. Check online and you can get schooled for free!

  2. yeah... that's what I say... I'm so totally in to a bargain.. HOWEVER, I don't do coupons (shame on me).. because my short-term memory has been seriously jeaprodised by my spelling disability, exaserbated by my A.D.D., brought on my my dislexia, which was stunted by my agoraphobia...that resulted in my paranoia, making me germaphobic about touching coupons.. or anything in a store. so now I'm addicted to reality shows and marijuana.. plus... I'm old. what ta do?


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