This isn't a normal post for HTB but I can't believe the morons over at BP! Just the other day as I sat watching the latest BS that BP is spewing (in addition to the thousands and millions of gallons of oil they are spewing into our precious ocean) the thought crossed my mind....."It's just a matter of time before we catch them out there in the world living their lives as if nothing has happened." As if they weren't single handedly destroying the precious Eco system that is the Gulf of Mexico.
And here we are.....

This SOB

participating in a regatta!

Read the story HERE

This on the heals of comments like this:

  • "I'd like my life back"
  • ~so would the men and women who lost their lives on the rig
  • "The oil is on the surface. There aren't any plumes"
  • ~ really? there aren't ANY
  • "I think the environmental impact of this disaster is likely to have been very, very modest"
  • ~i'd hate to see what he considers catastrophic
  • And of course he Chairman who refereed to caring about the "little people"
  • ~he claims that English is not his 1st language.....GREAT EXCUSE!

If you watched the 60 Minutes piece they did on the Deep Water Horizon Blow Out Part I and Deep Water Horizon Blow Out Part II you would be even more disgusted at the entire situation!

I just don't even know what more to say.


  1. There is a special place in hell for that dude... Unbelievable!

  2. Oh God, this makes me sick to my stomach!

  3. On this topic, I have burried my head in the sand (what's left of it), all the way up to my very core. We grew up ON the beach. I trick or treated along the strand of Hermosa, Manhattan Redondo Beach and fished off their piers. Much of my young adult years were spent in Hawaii, surrounded by the sea (I have the skin to prove it). When I moved into my dream home, I chose it because it was walking distance to the cliffs over looking the Pacific and a short drive to Marine Land. My first apartment was a two second walk to the beach at El Porto, we bbq'd on the open pits in El Segundo and day tripped to Catalina Island. I love fish, hell, I AM A FISH! And I can not articulate my disdane and heart ache about this issue. I just can't.

  4. Me either Sam. It's just beyond heartwrenching!


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