Toy Story 3

If you are a kid at heart {like I am} then you will love

We just returned home from seeing the 3rd installment of the childhood classic Toy Story and I have to say that it exceeded my expectations! Jake & Delaney couldn't wait to see it! We have been talking about it for months and I can say that as we sat in the theater chomping on popcorn it was like we were surrounded by kids of all ages....oh wait...we were! I honestly think that parents took their kids not only for their kids enjoyment for their own excitement and nostalgia to see their old friends Buzz & Woody!

The original Toy Story was released 15 years ago and for most young parents it was something that they themselves enjoyed as kids! So I highly recommend that you take your kids to see this one!
As we left the theater Jake asked if we could go home and play with his Buzz & Woody and that is a testament to the marketing geniuses at Disney and Pixar!
Here's a little look!


  1. LOL. Whoa... Jake must have absolutely been enthralled. How cool is that. Fabulously... you have all the fun. keri

  2. Babyzilla already has the action figures from #3, not to mention Woody, Buzz, & Jess in an array of sizes. I can't wait to see it.

  3. I can't wait to see this movie! I love your blog also!!!!


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