Laney's 1st Visit to the Dentist

{All pictures in this post are taken at the office of Dr. Jason Hirsh}
The first trip to the dentist can be a traumatic one for most people. I have always been a freak of nature when it comes to the dentist. I actually enjoy seeing the dentist. I started working in dental offices when I was in high school and I suppose knowing what all the instruments are and how procedures are done helps to make my visits enjoyable. Well...as enjoyable as having a crown done can be....but those semi annual cleanings and check-ups......I LOVE UM! And it was important to me that Jake & Laney feel the same way!

{At the tooth brushing station with Miss Lupe}

When I first moved to South Florida I worked for a Pediatric Dentist and LOVED working with the kids. I felt like I was really fostering a great experience for each of the children I worked on. I used to travel during the school year from elementary school to elementary school talking to kids about visiting the dentist. It was a great experience.

{Waiting with Daddy in the GAME ROOM}

So when I set out to find a dentist for Jake & Laney it was important to me to find an office that was happy, fun, open and welcoming. The first office I was referred to by our insurance company was horrific! When I scheduled the appointment I thought .... this would be great if it end up loving the dentist because it's close to our house. When I walked in I was shocked! The reception area was TINY painted "institution" green and the wallpaper border was falling off of the walls in many places. There was a tiny 13 inch television high up on shelf in the corner and that was it. As I filled out the 6 page (not kidding) new patient packet I sat there mortified at the thought of allowing my children to be seen in this office but reassured myself that I am sure the dentist is fantastic. And that it would be fine. Then the dentist walked through the reception area. He was ancient, hunched over and his eyes were fixated on the floor. He walked past all of us waiting while mumbling something about the mail. He never made eye contact with us, never said hello. Nothing. Just walked out of the office. I was amazed. Not shocked....amazed. I asked the woman sitting next to me if she'd been coming to this dentist long. She said yes. She said that the girls in the office were fantastic but that the dentist would barely say two words to you. {NO DUH ~ I thought}. Then they called Laney's name.

{My brave girl}

{Having her teeth "counted"}
Now I knew the protocol of most Pediatric Dental offices. The parents were usually asked to wait in the reception room. And that was fine with me, BUT NOT ON HER FIRST VISIT! They would not let me past the threshold of the adjoining door. I reluctantly told Laney it would be fine. That Jake & Mommy would be right here and that when she was all done that I would come back and take her picture. And she was off. Jake and I just sat there. Soon the front desk girl opened her little window and told me that if I gave her my camera that she would take Laney's picture. I was flabbergasted. YOU WON'T EVEN LET ME TAKE HER PICTURE. Just then....the power went out! The entire complex had lost power and it would take a while for it to return. Oh happy day! THANK YOU LORD! THERE IS NOTHING LIKE DIVINE INTERVENTION! They brought Laney out to me and I politely said that I would have to reschedule. As I stood at the window I asked the assistant how long she'd worked for the dentist. She told me she'd worked there for 10 years and that the dentist was great. I looked her dead in the eyes and said "Really? He seems a bit out of touch." to which she replied "He is and it's probably time for him to retire." WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT?????????????!!!!!!! Well then he can "treat" someone else's children.....not mine! And we left.

{All clean!}

{Picking her prize ~ the prizes weren't like that when I was a kid!}
I went home and started googling pediatric dentist for my area and the very first website I came upon was FANTASTIC! I called to find when I could schedule the kids and explained the situation. While they didn't accept my insurance I was pleased to hear their office policy. The parents were welcomed back with the children for cleanings. ESPECIALLY on their first visit. There was a game room for the kids to play in while waiting, a large TV for them to watch cartoons and I could bring Laney in 1st thing the next morning. (Today)

{Laney & Dr. Jason}

Laney was a trouper! She walked right in there. Listened to the hygienist, sat in that chair and took it all in like the brave little girl she is! She set a fantastic example for her brother and hasn't stopped talking about the "dentis, Dr Jay-shon" and smiling so I can see her clean "teef". I am so proud of her!

Walking out of the office yesterday was the right thing to do! I found a fantastic office and a fantastic dentist for Jake & Laney! Dr. Hirsh's staff is amazing! The girls are sweet, caring and their office is beautiful! I couldn't have asked for anything more! You have patients for life! Thank you Dr. Jason Hirsch for making Laney's first visit a fantastic experience! Jakey.... you're next buddy!


  1. Awesome Photos. You're such a good Mom. And I love that Dad held her hand the whole time. So sweet. She's gonna be dangerous when she grows up. Geez...

  2. It seems to me like the first dentist you went to behaved differently probably because he started practicing in a time when protocol was much different than it is these days. I’m glad that you eventually found a great clinic for your little Laney to go too! I hope that she does grow up to enjoy the world of dentistry as much as you did!


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