Star Light Star Bright

I am always amazed by the things I hear my little ones say. Sometimes it's funny sometimes it's upsetting but last night it was darling, precious, amazing, innocent and heart warming.....

Driving home from their Great Grandmother's house late at night with the windows rolled down I hear.....

Laney {hands clasped together}: "I wish, I wish, I wish....my whole world!"

Her first time wishing on a star!


  1. Do you hear that sound? That's my heart breaking (in a good way)! Laney's wish makes me want to cry (in a good way ... hehe). Oh, to be a little girl again!

  2. *wipes tear* Oh so very sweet!

  3. This was absolutely precious. It made me smile and say awwww at the same time. I hope you make a scrapbook or journal page about this. It is memorable.

  4. Blaaahhhhhwhaaaaa !!!!! makin me cry!!!!!!!!!!


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