Back To Reality

Hey everyone. I've been MIA for about a week or so. Mr. HTB & I hit the road for a quick trip to Orlando with NO kids! That's right! You read correctly! This was the FIRST time we've been away just the two of us since the kids were 7 months old! It was funny how at times we both noticed that we were walking around the Disney parks not talking. Not for a lack of anything to talk about but because we could! There was no Mommy this or Daddy that. Just us, walking hand in hand. It was lovely. We didn't even take a camera with us.

On the blog front I have a few reviews lined up. I am so excited to get working on these. I also have a bunch of sewing to do. I haven't forgotten about any of you! I have my little sewing list and will plan a day where Mr. HTB takes the kids out for the entire day so that I can sit here in my office/sewing room and get to work!

In the meantime I had some items sitting around and when I got an email from Phyllis over at Baby Swags saying that Erik Estrada and his wife were sponsoring an auction that would benefit a local Southern California elementary school I quickly packaged everything up and mailed it out. First I have to say that I was born and raised in SoCal so it's near and dear to my heart. And secondly....it's Ponch....come on. LOL

Tomorrow I have decided that I am going to take the day to stop by blogs and check in on all of your lovelies. I haven't been good about that and I am so very sorry. But I am changing my ways and will stop by to see what you're all up to!

So until then.....


  1. Glad you were able to get away with the Hubs and have fun!!!

  2. that is sooooo nice!!!! almost hard to imagine... a kid free day!!

    glad you had a blast!

  3. I hope you had a great time here in Orlando, the weather has been beautiful for the past few weeks. You came at the right time! :) So glad you got to have one-on-one time, that is so important.

  4. Mr. M and I don't have any (human) kids (yet), but we DO have two dogs and we recently had the chance to get away without them ... We sat in the car not talking - just holding hands and humming along to the music. It was FANTASTIC! Sometimes not talking means just as much as an in-depth conversation. :)


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