If Only

We could all dress like this.....

And look that cute!


  1. Oh wow!! that picture made my ovaries Ache!!! I can't wait to have a little PINK of my own!! :)

  2. ahhhhhhh, i LOVE this!!! too stinkin' cute!

    i wore rainboots today with running shorts while i was out running errands (i just got stared at, not told i was cute!) haha

  3. What a GREAT photo! Brought a huge smile to my face. Oh to be that little and not have a care in the world again. Hope you have a great week!

  4. Oh my goodness, your daughter is so cute. It's true, you only get to dress like that once, when you're a kid, might as well enjoy it.

    BTW, I just noticed your sidebar image of Claudia Schiffer. I had no idea she was even pregnant!

  5. Well I wore something just like that to Target the other day ... :)

    Kidding aside, that is one cute little chickadee. I miss that age.

  6. Nicole, what a totally sweet picture. Thanks for the smile!

  7. LOL.. what I love most is the look of satisfaction and contentment on her little face.


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