Self~Fulfilling Prophecy

Isn't that what they call it when you unknowingly make something happen in your life. For example....you blog about needing the Super Nanny {read that post here} and now....they are actually calling you to set up an interview.


A while back I sent in an application to the Super Nanny pitching an idea for them feature a family with toddler age children who are not quite out of control, not yet. Their show is great and I know MANY families who watch it and thank GOD their children are not like that. I'm one of those parents. But I'm also a parent who sees that if Mr. HTB & I don't form a united front against the kids that we will be in the same boat as a ton of other families out there! We'll be raising brats! Kids that everyone groans and complains about when they see our family coming! I CAN'T HAVE THAT! So my idea was for TSN to come in and teach us (first time parents of 2 1/2 year old twins) the techniques we need to discipline them BEFORE they start taking over.
So jump forward to last Wednesday when I get this very causal email from "Jordan" asking if I was still interested and if so to fill out the attached application again and send it back along with pictures of our family. So after some good old fashioned Nancy Drew investigation I confirmed that "Jordan" works for The Super Nanny's production company and it's legit! This is hilarious! And yesterday I actually received a phone call from "Jordan" asking if we were going to be in town next week as they will be here for interviews and that he'd call back with the interview date and time! OMG!
Now, since all of this has transpired I have determined that while my little Jake & Laney are good kids....WE DO NEED NANNY JO! I just hope to GOD that if they do pick us and the show airs...that I don't completely embarrass me, my family and everyone else I know and love.
To be continued....


  1. Oh, this is soooo cool. I love this. That is a great show and what a brilliant suggestion. Sometimes I think those total out of control kids are the exception...with most families having smaller struggles. Gosh, I'll be excited to see what happens with this. Good luck!

  2. Great show. We even watch the reruns!
    Stopping by from SITS!
    Please stop by!

  3. Too funny. I was thinking that the show needed to do something exactly like what you have described. There are so many behaviors to manage like how to appropriately teach proper manners in the high chair (i.e. - not to throw food). I'm looking forward to hearing more about this!

  4. I do love that show. Great idea to jump in before it is necessary. I could use that too! Keep us posted...but watch out for those reality TV shows (I have been on a couple...not always so real!)

  5. Just remember us, the little people when you're rich famous or imfamous! I'm so happy to see my friend Holly has become your friend. I've been following her for quite a while and just today told her again that she ALWAYS has the BEST stuff on her site. See me for details. Love you.

  6. Oh my gosh! That is so cool! I've never watched the show but I sure would if you were on there!

  7. Wow, what a great idea. I have two kids, Nicolas(6) and Olivia (3). Both have always been good, however now my daughter is really pushing me to discipline harder, and nothing works. I too would love to see what most parents are doing wrong. I love watching her show.

  8. I always knew you were destined for greatness!

  9. LOL...yeah Kat a great big heap of a mess. :) I'm wondering if this is a good idea. I could really come off looking bad.

  10. OMG THAT IS AWESOME!!!! I love that show!


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