What Color Are You?

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My friend over at La Petite Peony posed a good question. What color are you? Thinking that I knew immediately what color it would say I jumped over to True Value Paint's website to take the quiz. BOY WAS I WRONGO! I HAD NO IDEA ~ THAT I HAD NO IDEA! WHO woulda thunk this one....I'm a red? But when I read the discription....it's pretty dead on!

You boast incredible willpower and are capable of overcoming obstacles that would normally leave others shaking in their boots. You have a penchant for colorful environments and often impress others with your energetic bursts of energy. Your interests in many areas of life often leave you scattered, but when you focus you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.


  1. Love it!! I have to wonder tohugh, out of pure curiosity - are you a Gemini?!? ;) I related to some of this - especially the being "scattered" bit. Made me wonder...

    Anyway - glad you enjoyed this quiz! It was fun.

    Take care

  2. I was PURPLE!!! Thanks for the link to such a cute quiz :) Stopping by from SITS

  3. La Petite~ No I am an Aquarian...my twins are Gemini...maybe that's why I'm exhibiting those traits...I HAVE BABY BRAIN!


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