Super Nanny ~ Where Are You?

It's official! My brain has turned to mush! Not just any ordinary mush, but that kind that I know you all can relate to. Baby Mush Brain! Suddenly, I have ADD. I can't concentrate on anything longer than 5 minutes. I guess it comes from saying No a million bazillion times a day. And listening to nothing but Nick Jr and the Disney Channel all the time! I crave adult conversation. I crave cognitive reasoning and thinking. I need stimulation! I need peace and quiet and a full nights sleep.

Can I be frank? I knew that being a mom was going to be hard work. But NO ONE....I MEAN NO ONE told me that it would be this hard! Honestly, we haven't had a scream free meal in weeks. And why is our mealtime full of screaming? Well first it starts off from Jake & Laney. ALL THEY WANT TO EAT IS "KAK~ERS, MOMMY, KAK~ERS!". I swear I wish I'd never given them a cracker! We went from sitting down as a family and enjoying beautiful green veggies and fresh foods to eating only Mac & Cheese {at least it's organic}, rice & beans {I can't really complain about that}, crackers & fruit. IT'S MADDENING! I want them to eat chicken, fish, veggies, grains and everything else that is good for them! I've been told that this is normal at around the age of 2. That they just stop eating what you put in front of them and hold out for what they want. But no one told me that it would drive me freakin' crazy! I did make the decision long ago that what I make for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is what I make! If you don't like it.... don't eat it! I did this thinking that they would rationalize this in their little minds and say "ok, Mommy, thanks for dinner!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! HA! Joke's on me! They have more stamina than I! They will hold out longer than I ever could! And they do. Most days. THEY'RE WINNING FOLKS! OH YEAH, they're winning {said in my most defeated voice} Hopefully I can get the upper hand and hold on to it!

When I call my mom to tell her this, she just laughs. You know that laugh, the evil snicker of someone who is quietly enjoying your pain! And I know why! I can remember as a kid hearing my mom pop the top on a can of Pepsi and running to the kitchen to ask her if I could have a sip. And I remember the exasperated and defeated look on her face as she handed over the one of the many things she wished she could have all to herself! I'M LIVING THAT NOW! I can't sit in the chair I want. I can't watch any show I want to watch. I can't make a phone call and I know you all can relate to this one....I CAN'T GET ON THE COMPUTER WITHOUT SOMEONE ON ME! The best is when I'm feeling chipper and I start to sing a song......{yes I sing a lot!} and Laney will come up to me, put her hand over my mouth and say "Quiet Mom". Unfortunately, that doesn't work both ways! When they are being loud and I say "Quiet!" they look me dead in the eye and say it even louder!!!!! I NEED JO~JO THE SUPER NANNY ~ STAT!!!


  1. WHOA! This post hits very close to home!! My husband got home from work and asked me to back off a little bit. I was talking a mile a minute about the stupidest things and I was literally bumping into him (I guess my personal bubble has burst after kids crawling all over me all day!) My mom does that SAME evil laugh!! Someday, we will too :) Thanks for enlightening me! It sounds funny when you're not in it :)

  2. LOL... supernanny is my shero and I don't even have kids. of course I watch her so much (she's in reruns now) that I am now an expert in child rearing so if you have any questions and can't get a hold of JOJO.. drop me a line. K? K! K.


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