Our Brush With Fame {Take One}

How many of us have looked through the sale ads on Sunday morning and said to ourselves {ok, out loud} that our babies are cuter than that baby! That our little miss girlie girl could be a model! I will admit I still do it! {I'm not ashamed} LOL Well, here is our story of our little brush with fame here at the Hoity Toity House!
Shortly after having Jake & Laney I decided I would join the Parents of Multiples. I thought it would be a great networking experience and that I would become fast friends with some moms in the group. I envisioned us having weekly play dates at our homes and our children would grow up to be life long friends. It lasted for about 3 months. I went to the first meeting for new members and really didn't find what I was looking for.
In February I was still getting email from the POM and while I would glance through them, I never really paid much attention to their content. Until this email was sent to me. It read:
Special Email ...
Casting is This Friday! CASTING CALL For Kids and Adults Lori Wyman Casting is going to be holding an open call for kids for the movie "MARLEY AND ME" starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. We are looking for the children, at different ages, of these 2 stars. All children are Caucasian.
We are looking for:
GIRLS: 5-6 Months old - Blonde hair - light color eyes
BOYS: 5 Months - 3 years old Blond hair - blue or light eyes
5 months to one year old Brown hair - Brown eyes
IDENTICAL TWINS AND TRIPLETS A PLUS (due to child labor laws, it is helpful to use twins to keep the filming going.)OPEN CALL INFO: FRIDAY FEBRUARY 22 from 11 AM - 3 PM at.....
A million thoughts ran through my mind. I read everything carefully. Girls {check}, Boys {check}, Twins {check ~ although not identical}, Blonde hair {check}, light colored eyes {cheeeecck}. I called Mr. HTB immediately! I read it over and over to him. "SHOULD I TAKE THEM? They're older than 6 months. Maybe they'll turn me away.". Then I called my Mom! And read it over and over to her. I was so excited!
The day before the open call I made my decision. Even though they were slightly past the age limit set for the blonde hair, blue eyed babies I wasn't doing anything else that Friday so I'd go! I called my friend & Mr. HTB's cousin Danielle and asked if she would go with me because she lived close to the agent's office. That morning I got up and dressed Laney & Jake, packed their diaper bag to the gills! I figured that based on the stories you hear on TV that we would be there all day!

We arrived at the casting agent's office first thing on Friday morning. We walked into the tiny office in North Miami Beach and to my surprise there were only a handful of babies there. I explained that we were there for the Marley & Me casting, filled out the paperwork and was told to just "hang around". I imagined we would be called into an office where they would look Jake and Delaney over, fall madly in love with them, tell me that they were going to be the next big thing and then they would send all the other babies home! It would be that easy! As we stood there eyeing up the competition our name was called. We were directed to a set of chairs in the same room we had been standing in and was asked to place both babies on my lap. A man crouched down in front of us and with his ordinary point & shoot digital camera he snapped 3 pictures of the babies and said, "Ok, thank you for coming!" WHAT? That's it? I'd only been there for literally 10 minutes. Talk about anti~climatic! We headed down to the parking lot where there were other families bringing in their children for their shot at fame. I loaded Jake & Laney up in the car and went home thinking, "that was a HUGE waste of every one's time and effort"!


  1. Good for you for ditching your nerves and going anyways. :) Stopping by from SITS. Happy Saturday Sharefest. ;)

  2. This is G R E A T!!! I love that you posted this experience. Long time coming...No, wait.. It's right on time, actually. Thanks for sharing. I love your blog. Keri

  3. Tell the rest of the story! Marley and me is on HBO this month!


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