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I have done quite a bit of globe trotting throughout my life. I was a flight attendant for some years for both Miami Air International and American Airlines. And while I've traveled all over the US & the world I never would have thought about the scenario I'm about to tell you.

I got a call from my Mom last night and she tells me that my Dad {who travels a lot for business} was in a Hilton Hotel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana last week when he was awakened by a sharp burning feeling on the side of his foot. Of course, he jumped out of the bed and threw back the covers to see what he would find but of course, didn't find a thing. The next morning he had 2 blisters on his foot. When he returned home he went to the doctor and showed the blisters to the doctor who immediately said it was a SNAKE BITE! A SNAKE BITE PEOPLE! Thank God it wasn't a venomous snake.
So the next time you're traveling and staying in even the nicest of nice hotels make sure you check your surroundings very carefully! Because you never know who you'll be sharing your room with!
Gross! Scary & Gross!


  1. This is most disturbing!

  2. I just don't even know what to say....

  3. I know. And the best part of the story is....my Dad is terrified of snakes! Poor guy!

  4. OMG...that is awful!!! I will never forget this when I crawl into a hotel bed in the future!!!

  5. OMG - I already check the toilet for snakes, now the bed?? As if I wasn't already creeped out by hotel beds.


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