We have our 100th follower!
Amber of Dave & Amber over @ {The Johnsons}
This is so exciting! And a huge incouragment to keep on bloggin'! Thank you to all of the followers! I am honored that you take the time to visit my little blog and for those of you that leave me comments..... *MUAH* to you! :)

In celebration I have a little gift for Amber!

A $40.00 Gift Certificate
Hoity Toity Baby {the shoppe}!
{and now is the perfect time to shop ~ we're having our 1st annual Christmas Sale!}


  1. WOW! Good timing Amber.

    Follower #95 will be unpatiently waiting for her big award.

    Totally kidding, btw! :)

  2. awww thats so nice, gosh i was just shy of that lucky number!!!!! :)

    100 is an exciting number, blogging is so fun and i hope to reach that far off number someday!

  3. Party Box Design~ just stick around.....there is always a give away here @ HTB! :)


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