Hoity Toity Christmas

99 FOLLOWERS? YOU MEAN WE'RE WAITING ON THE 100th? Who will it be? This is so exciting for me over here at HTB! I've been waiting for this momentous occasion for a long while now! Can I get a woot~woot?!

In honor of this, once the 100th follower is noted under "Chic Friends", I will compose a special post! I'm not even going to hint about the content of this post. This is soooooo exciting!

Now, on to other business today. I've been kind of out of the loop here at Hoity Toity Baby. I think I have taken a mental "holiday" from everything. I have made the commitment to get back on the horse and devote the next week to Hoity Toity Baby {the blog} & {the shoppe} We're on a countdown to Christmas people! And that is just what I'm planning! So starting tomorrow check back frequently! Who knows what will be waiting for you!


  1. 100 - that is so awesome!!!

  2. Woot! Woot! I can't wait to get to 100 myself but I am nowhere near there. Looking forward to your 100th follower post!

  3. I was thinking the same thing. Right after I signed up to follow your blog I saw I was number 99.Come on #100.

  4. You have a 100 followers!!! Congrats! I know how exciting is to see you followers grow! You have a great blog so you deserve it!

  5. Wow thanks everyone! This is so very exciting!

  6. hooray for being #100! awesome blog, and so cute!!


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