To Vaccinate or Not

No matter where you go you hear the buzz. Mothers talking to other Mothers asking the same question. "Are you giving little Timmy the vaccine? It's a frightening question and a frightening time!
There is so much hype about this strain of flu virus. And no matter where you go or what channel you watch you hear about how safe the vaccine is. That as a parent if you have even the slightest trepidation regarding the subject you are looked at like a 4 headed monster from Planet Stupid!
I will tell you how I feel about the subject and I hope that each and every one of you way in on this topic as well.

I am completely on the fence. As I am sure a lot of you are! My children have had vaccines. From birth I gave them the standard vaccines all infants receive. Then they reached the age they would receive the MMR. And I stopped. There were so many theories out there regarding the MMR. Does it or doesn't it cause Autism. No one really knows. But we do know that something is happening to "our" children at around the time they receive this particular vaccine. So after discussing it with our pediatrician we came to the conclusion that we would hold off on the MMR until they were to start school.
So here we are. The media and every Dr. within ear shot is telling us all that this vaccine is safe. And within the other ear you will hear how it hasn't been tested enough. People will urge you NOT to vaccinate your children. This type of hype {on either end of the spectrum} is confusing to parents who want nothing but the best for their children. And is exactly why I vacillate. I want the best for my children. And it's heart wrenching to think that either way I could be hurting them by trying to do what's in their best interest.
So I ask you. Where do you stand on this subject? Please leave comments telling us if you plan to vaccinate or not. And why. Maybe you'll help someone else make their decision, either way. Even me!


  1. I had planned on vaccinating my daughter (18 months) right up until last night when I started hearing people saying it may not be safe. Now I'm confused and really angry. We are creating superviruses that are killing children and there's no firm answer on what is the "safe" option. How can this be?

    My question, to add to HTB's questions, is, if this is just a strain of the virus injected into the body to help the body create antibodies to fight the virus, why would it be dangerous? I honestly don't know, so please if someone does, include that in their comments.

    I will probably in the end do what my pediatrician recommends. And my husband of course, who is vaccine happy, so I probably will just let her get it. I don't know. Why is parenting so hard?????

  2. C ~ thank you for your comment. This is a very important topic and I hope that the other readers have some sound advice for all of us. I encourage you to tell your other friends about this post and have them comment on their thoughts and feelings.

  3. so glad you posted this. Now that we are in the wait, it is something we need to start thinking about and researching. It is all so overwhelming.

  4. Ohhh boy, I hope you get a lot of comments about this issue and maybe more info. I'd be beside myself if I had to make the decision... but I think this time, I'd get them vacinated. Keri


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