Tailgating Do~Gooders

A lot has been and will be said about South Florida residents. Some good and some bad. But these tailgating do~gooders bring a good name to not only South Florida and the Miami DolFans but to humanity in general!

Dolfans, Vicky Pestrichelli and her husband, have the right idea! "Hopefully if you can afford a $150.00 seat, you can bring $10.00....You can do something and it doesn't have to be a lot!"

Calling themselves the East 10ers {referring to their location in the parking lot} they set up in the same place every at every home game and pride themselves on doing something for people of need in their own community! The charity aspect was added to their festivities when they heard of a Tampa baby almost died when his mother added water to his formula to save money.

"We have a great time, play hard, and eat well. We looked at each other and said "What are we going to do?"

They banded with their fellow Dolfans and donated more than 100 pounds of formula which went to a center in Broward County, Florida. With one good deed, they were hooked! Along with the other tailgate do~gooders they plan to continue to collect money for other charities!

I think that other football fans and tailgaters should take a lesson from these Dolfans! Vicky is right, if you can afford the $150.00 seat you can certainly afford $10.00 even $20.00. So take their lead and the next time you're tailgating, find a local charity and set up a collection plate!


  1. You Tell About it, Lady! Go girl. Love your blog. Keri

  2. WOW! I'm here in South Florida too and I never knew! What a nice story. Thanks for sharing.


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