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Since starting Hoity Toity BABY a year ago last October I have participated in a couple of shows as a vendor in hopes of getting the HTB name out there. Recently I came across Baby Swags a PR firm that works with WAHMs. The owner, Phyllis Pometta writes, "Baby Swags is dedicated to helping entrepreneurial women market their products and/or services to the general public as well as to the media and celebrities.". In 2009 alone they have gifted more than 20 celebrities including Suri Cruise, Shilo Pitt and Levi McConaughey! These are some of the biggest names in Hollywood {Baby names, that is!}

While Baby Swags offers an array of PR and marketing services one in particular caught my attention. Celebrity Gifting! It offers entrepreneurs like myself to gift their product to celebrity moms at a very reasonable fee. When I found the site Katherine Heigl had just announced the adoption of her beautiful daughter. I was so excited! Being a huge fan of Grey's Anatomy this was the gifting I would love to participate in. I put together a media kit along with 3 of my favorite Hoity Toity Outfits and sent it off to Baby Swags!

As of today the gift basket for Katherine Heigl has been shipped and is waiting for conformation! And I am waiting for the picture of the items included in the basket and the Press Release from Baby Swags! As soon as I get those I will post them. But in the meantime, here are the items I sent.

The Swank Shoppe For Chic Tots
Hoity Toity BABY is dedicated to creating sweet, comfortable, chic clothing
and accessories for your little ones!
Inspired by my own Hoity Toity twins, Jake & Delaney
I pick each fabric and hand craft clothing that will guarantee
your child is the
fun on the playground and the flash in the photograph!
Because everyone deserves to feel
Hoity Toity, Baby!

The Hoity Toity JUMPER


  1. That sounds like a great basket, I think she's going to love it. can't wait to see press release. you are a marketing mogul, you. great post. Keri

  2. Wow that is amazing exposure. Great find! I hope that she loves her swag bag because I know I would. Keep us posted.

    My best, Lynn


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