Dinosaurs, Ladybugs & Pumpkins, Oh My!

These beauties were purchased at Target for only $3.99 a piece
Last year we spent about $25.00 on pumpkins at a roadside pumpkin patch!

Halloween is a week away! And I have finally completed my little bug's ladybug costume for Halloween. I must say, I think it turned out pretty darn cute! And I think the converse tennies make the costume! They day after I finished it we decided to take Jake & Laney to a little Halloween event at our local mall. That morning I got them up, fed them breakfast and with all the enthusiasm I could muster up I talked about being a lady bug! And how pretty a ladybug Miss Laney would be. And the girl threw a fit! I have never seen her so hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!! She did NOT want to put that tutu on for anything. Let's just say that her crazy meltdown resulted in a time out in her crib where she continued her hysterics for a solid 5 minutes. Even tho she was alone. When I figured she'd had enough I went in and asked her if she was ready to try on her costume which she did with as much enthusiasm as a wet paper bag. I got it on her but only the leotard and the tutu. No anteni, wings or leggings. See...see how happy she is to be a ladybug?

The poor thing is trying to smile. I don't know what it was but she's a trooper and after a nice little nap she was ready to go! {Of course the discussion of a new barbie from the Disney Store may have helped}.

We loaded our Ladybug and our Dinosaur up in the car and headed for the mall. Upon our arrival Laney decided....once again....she didn't want to be a ladybug. But after a quick reminder about said Barbie she slipped her tutu on and headed into the mall! As we made our way through the crowded mall Miss Laney was met with "Hi cute ladybug" and "look how cute that ladybug is". Let me just tell you that turned it all around for my little ham {ahhhh that's what she should have been....} she was waving hello to any and everyone she could! Oprah's right....we all have our ah-ha moment....Laney's just came early.

After our brief Halloween extravaganza at the mall {which turned out to be LAME} we purchased our new Barbie for our little bug and a new Woody for our dinosaur and started our journey home. Well, Jake decided to throw his fit of the day when we attempted to leave the Disney Store. Thank God Mr. HTB was there to handle it. Sometimes one two year old tantrum a day is all this Mommy can take. So as Mr. HTB and Jake headed to the car, Laney bug and I stopped for an impromptu photo session.

Shopping around the Disney Store....

Jakeasaurus thinking he's getting a 200.00 Buzz Lightyear

Ok...I'm a horrible Mommy...not only did I just buy Jake's costume....I couldn't even be bothered buy a green t~shirt or to remove the tag hanging off his buttasaurous!

Showing off her wings

And here's the ham bone herself!

Striking her pose!

And as you can see.... my camera IS A PIECE! No, it's not the photographer....it's the camera!


  1. That is the cutest costume! My two year old daughter was looking at the computer screen and she yelled.."lady bug Mommy...lady bug...look!"
    Too cute!

  2. Adorable! I mean REALLY!!!! Adorable ENOUGH? wOW..so cute. LOL..



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