{Good Morning Saturday}

Good morning to all my Chic Friends!
Today is going to be a beautiful day full of friends and fun.
We're not doing anything special, just taking it minute by minute & smile by smile!
What are your plans for today?
Leave me a comment letting me know
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Happy Saturday!
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  1. I'm taking my daughter to Gymboree and then we're going to try and check out a community festival down the street. Supposedly there will be games, arts and crafts, and food. I'm crossing my fingers for teriyaki chicken on a stick...

  2. Hi there HTB. Today it is raining cats and dogs and has been since early this morning. We're in the middle of a major purge session in AL's dressing room area. You know the place. Chuck full of s t u f f that needs to be sorted,tossed, etc. So glad to hear you in a happy mood as usual you make me smile. Love KK

  3. Our soccer games were cancelled due to rain, so we all went to Dunkin Donuts for some family time!! We will grill out this afternoon and watch the GA game this evening.

    Happy SITS Saturday!

  4. C that sounds like fun. My parents are heading to a fair today and I wish I could go with them! Fairs are fantastic!

    Keri I wish I was there to help! I'm sure there's some pretty cool stuff in those closets! Enjoy the rain! I love you! MUCHO!

    Liberty it sounds like you must be in the ATL area like Keri....enjoy your grill out! There's nothing like BBQ & college FB!

  5. Hi There! I am going for a run then auditioning for our praise and worship Team!!Woohoo then going swimming at my Sister in laws!! It was an awesome day! I just wanted to let you know my blog is now looking better and I have a button!!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    My plans today are hosting a sleepover birthday party for my 7 year old. 4 girls, pizza, cupcakes, games, movies and popcorn. Whew! Where's the Calgon?

  7. My weekend was filled with homework. Blah!

    I am stopping by from SITS to say hello. You have beautiful children.

    Following you now. :)

  8. Popping in from SITS!
    Now following you...

  9. Jael ~ I tried to access your blog and it won't allow me to! :(


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