{Sunday's Sounds}

"Dina~dore ROAR!" ~ Jake
"Jake" ~ Mr. HTB
"Mmm ~ dat goo rhi Mommy" ~ Jake
"No Ni~ni" ~Laney
"All board choo-choo train" ~ Laney
Utter & Complete MELT DOWN~ Laney
{because she wants her binky}
"No! Mine" ~ Laney {when Jake had the nerve to pick up a pen}
"SHIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ~ Jake
{saying "outside" with complete joy when asking if he wanted to go outside}
"Uh~oh" ~ Jake
"Mommy, Mommy" ~ Laney
"Yeahee Yeahee" ~ Jake
"A Bee!" ~ Jake
"Um on Kiki" ~ Jake on their way outside
{Sunday's Sounds from outside}
"Daddy ~ Whereareyou?" ~ Laney
"I'mgonnagetyou!" ~ Jake
{Because everyone, even the dogs, are "shide"}

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  1. I love this! How cool. I can hear them loud and clear.


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