Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

If you stopped by HTB earlier today and read my post "Take A Deep Breath & Scream!" you know my day didn't start out very well. You'll all be happy to know that I quickly turned it all around! First thing I did was lock, um, make sure Jake & Laney were safe in their room and took a nice hot shower. The second thing I did, are you ready for it?, I ACTUALLY BLEW MY HAIR DRY! CRAZY, I KNOW! AND I PUT ON MAKE~UP! A WHOLE FACE OF IT! IT WAS FANTASTIC! Then I loaded everyone up in the SUV and took us all to the mall. And while it would have been nice to browse around Macy's I headed straight to the Disney Store. Yep. And I enjoyed every second of it. We had no other agenda other than finding reasonably priced toys for Jake & Laney. It was fun. It's so sweet to see them pick out something they like. I mean really make their own decision. Today Jake decided on Buzz Lightyear & Laney picked Penny from 101 Dalmatians. And the best part is that they were BOGO!

Then we came home and took a nice little nap. By the time Jake & Laney woke up Daddy was home early to surprise us with a nice dinner out and off to see the new movie Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs! {It actually made me want spaghetti} It was such a nice surprise! And even though Jake ate a ton at dinner he still wanted his "pok~corn". And let me just tell you...when you hear it that word come out of his little mouth is sounds so sweet and pathetic you can't say no! So Daddy got his little man his "pok~corn" and the 4 of us sat and enjoyed a family movie night.

So as I end this post {and in spite of how this day began} everything is right in my little world. Jake & Laney are tucked in for the night and Daddy has slipped off to do some night fishing with our friend Chuck. {Yes, having him fish all night makes me nervous, but when you're married to a man who loves to fish...you learn to live with it} I'm showered and ready to climb into bed early and watch some TV! All by myself! In peace and quiet! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

It ended up a pretty good day!


  1. aww!sounds so nice!!You sound like such a sweet mamma.I can't wait till mine can go to movies.

  2. They can go to the movies now! The first movie I ever took them to was Kung Fu Panda. They are always captivated by the big screen!

  3. Awwwww... I love to hear happy comin out of you .


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