Sister Dawn

This is my sister Dawn. And I miss her. Dawnie passed away less than a year ago very unexpectedly. I still cannot believe she's gone. I think of her almost every day. Dawn was my sister in every sence of the word. No, we weren't biological siblings. We were luckier than that! We were sisters of a blended family. The kind that most kids of divorce don't have the luck to get! Our parents, her father and my mother brought us together. And I am thankful they did.

Dawnie wasn't even 5 feet tall. But she was a fire cracker! Her greatest accomplishments are the children she left behind. She was an amazing Mom who cared for her two youngest Joey and Alex, both of which are Autistic, with love, patience and acceptance.

Jessica ~ now a mommy herself, was only a very little girl when I first met her. I remember sitting in the restaurant where we all met for the first time and Jessie sitting on my lap.

Joey, sweet, Joey. Named after his Daddy Joe. He is a very handsome and thoughtful young man!

Alex, growing bigger by the day. I have never even had the chance to meet my nephew Alex. But he is forever my nephew because Dawnie is forever my sis.

You see I live in South Florida. I am as far away as I could possibly get from Dawn's beautiful children. They live in Southern California still. Each is thriving and banding together after losing Dawn to acute leukemia last year at the age of only 40.

I guess Dawn is with all of us. I wish she was still here. I can still hear her laugh! And see her smile! We miss you so very much Dawnie!

I Love & Miss you Dawnie,
Sister Niki


  1. Awe...so sad. I am sorry that you are missing your sister so much. I never knew that about you and it had to be soon before or after I photographed the kids right?

    I will pray for you tonight.

  2. She passed last August. She had been having headaches. And one morning she woke up very ill, my brother in law rushed her to the emergency room. Shortly after she arrived she was placed on a ventalator. I got the call from my Mom at around 10am my time and she passed by 9pm my time. It was just a complete shock.

    I think of her just about every day and just shake my head in disbelief that she's gone. I just cannot believe it.

    Our dad called her coyote and the day of her service my brother in law saw a coyote at the cemetary. So we all think that she was telling us that she's at peace.

    Thanks for your prayers!

  3. I published that last post! Nicole


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