One for you...one for me!?

There are very few times when I get to sneak off by myself! And as wonderful as my sweet, loving husband is it seems that the "one for you, one for me" ratio is a bit, shall we say, non-exist ant. Now, I'm sure I'm not the only Mom out there that understands how this works. But doesn't it seem like Daddy's "fun day" consists of boating, fishing, golfing, car shows, motorcycle rides....I could go on and on! While Mommy's "fun day" consists of doing any of the following things ALONE : GROCERY SHOPPING, PICKING UP THE DRY CLEANING, GOING TO THE POST OFFICE, TAKING THE PET TO THE VET, ETC, ETC, ETC... Hardly a fair trade off I'd say! Well, today, while Jake & Laney's Daddy was out fishing with his buddy I asked my sister-in-law to come and sit with the kids while they napped and I high-tailed it to the BEAUTY SALON! THAT'S RIGHT! I sat there and had my hair done (FOR 2 HOURS) while I read every gossip rag I could get my hands on! The only way it could have been better is if I could figure out a way to sleep while they tend to my "pigment challenged" strands! And the best part of the whole experience is that I didn't feel one bit guilty! Nope! Never once did I look a the clock to see how long I'd been gone. Or check my phone for missed calls. After all, the kids were in good hands. And so was Mama!

So the next time Daddy takes off for a "fun day" call someone you trust and RUN...AS FAST AS YOU CAN to the nearest (_________________) fill in the blank!

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  1. Salon/Spa!!!

    And isn't that so true. Daddy's "fun" time is not them searching around for a sitter, or trying to TIME up there fun time around a sitter or childs nap.

    I often don't feel these trade offs to be fair at all.

    Daddy's when they shower, they just go and shower. They don't think of how they are going to entertain kids while they shower.

    When daddy's go to the bathroom...they just go. They don't have a toddler or two pulling at their paints screaming at them, while they are trying to do their thing in peace.

    You know what I mean?



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