In this ecomony?! Are you crazy?!

Maybe I am, but let us all remember or be informed that the
Chocolate Chip Cookie was invented during the Great Depression!!
You heard me correctly! The beloved Chocolate Chip Cookie! So why can't Hoity Toity Baby emerge from this dismal economy a house-hold name? Or at least a name?

I'll be honest and explain that most people who decide to start
a business have some sort of capitol or a financial backer.
I do not. But why should I let that hold me back? Right?
Hello.....I said RIGHT?!
For now I will continue to pass my business card out to women I meet in stores and hopefully, one or two of them will visit www.HoityToityBaby.com
and buy a sweet dress for a little diva they love! Keep your fingers crossed for us...after all we could be the next Chocolate Chip Cookie!

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