I haven't blogged in quite a while. I know that's not how you are supposed to do this blogging thing. But I have to admit....since becoming a mommy of twins, I've forgotten how to do a lot of things! I used to be the most organized person I know! Now I can't find the piece of paper I just placed on the kitchen counter or God forbid I try to find my keys, sunglasses or my mind...because I've lost it all!

But in the midst of all the chaos in my life I have so many things to be greatful for and so many people to be blessed to love and who love me! Today I want to tell you about my Aunts, Lynn and Keri!

Aunt Keri was always the adventurer in our family. At least in my eyes she was! She was always the fashionable, chic, urban hip chick who lived in Guam and Hawaii! The one that traveled the world as a young, sexy woman! I love you Auntie KK! Recently she moved from Las Vegas to Douglasville, Georgia to live with her sister and my other amazing Aunt, Lynn.

Aunt Lynn was my second Mommy! My cheerleader! She has always put so much thought and love into everything she's given to me or done for me! From tea parties to Christmas get-togethers she was my own private Martha Stewart! And I loved being her assistant in the kitchen, in the planning of parties and everthing in between. Aunt Lynn gave me my Grandmother's sewing machine and taught me to sew. Which has now become my biggest love! Thank you so much 'Lat Lynn! I love you!

Since moving in together (not really they live in seperate homes on the same property) they have taken on the task of caring for a 125 year old farm house in rural Georgia. And being the witty, talented people we tend to be, Aunt Keri has started a blog herself called Spit and Glue. I am so impressed by it that I sent a letter off today to Martha Stewart, Oprah and to a few shows on HGTV in hopes that they may offer to help my Aunts out with the daunting task they have gracefully accepted! Below is the letter that tells a bit more about their life in Georgia....move over 'Designing Women' there's some new Southern' Belles in town!

Dear Martha,

About 25 years ago, my aunt and uncle moved to Douglasville, Georgia and purchased a 100 year old farm house. Over the years my Aunt Lynn and Uncle Doug created a quaint home for themselves in this old house. Since their move, the home has witnessed many events in their life together from hearing the news that each of their daughters joined the Marine Corp and the Navy to giving their youngest daughter her dream wedding on the property's 2.5 acres to building a cottage on the property for my Grandmother to live in. Shortly after the cottage was built my Grandmother passed away followed by my Uncle Doug who lost his battle with prostate cancer in 2005. After almost 30 years of marriage my Aunt began to make her way on her own. With my cousin, Michelle, serving in Iraq and my Uncle gone my Aunt Lynn has bravely taken on the daunting task of working full time and trying to maintain the now 125 year old farm house, alone! Even starting up the old Lowe's riding lawn mower, my Uncle once used, to mow the acreage herself.

Recently her youngest sister, Keri, moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to live in the cottage once built for their mother. And in the short time they have lived on the property together my 63 and 57 year old Aunts have begun the task of tending to the now 125 year old home with good nature, humor and extremely limited funds. Thinking it would be intersting to others my Aunt Keri started a blog to chronicle their life there. The blog is called Spit and Glue as sometimes that is all it seems they have to hold the old home together. It's a quaint, sweet, funny blog that chronicles their life living in and keeping up a 125 year old farm house with their limited funds and their limited brawn.

With all the TLC the home requires and with the lack of available resourses I am amazed at the resolve, love and ingenuity that is poured into whatever task they've taken on that day, weekend, or month! I am so proud of both my Aunts, Lynn and Keri, for their strength, their determination, and their humor! They are the product of a loving mother who let them lead their own way in life and a father that taught them that they themselves are their greatest strength and that alone you can be whomever or whatever your heart desired!

Please take a moment to visit the blog and become a follower.
Thank you so very much!

Below is a sample of the blog for you to read:

Spit and Glue
And so we Mow!
Mowing the lawn is traditionally "A Mans Job" right? however, I know many women who don't think twice about dragging out the mower and edger to do the job themselves. But on this property, they'd be thinking more than twice about "taking on the lawn". The difference here is that we're talking about 2 hairy acres that need mowing at least twice a month in spring & summer. We don't put on a cute gardening hat with matching gardening gloves and clogs to push a shiney-red mower up and down the yard until it's perfect. No, we pretty much gear up with machine washable head covering, goggles, long sleeved shirt/pants, and nasty canvus shoes so as not to lose a toe or an eye to flying debris. It's all about getting the job done without the company of fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. We ride an old, noisey rickety lawn tractor, nursing it along as it spits, groans, hickups, and sometimes stops all together, leaving us in the learch, and at the mercy of a handiman who knows a little about mechanics. We then convince him to fix it, but at the least possible expense. If he can do it with Spit & Glue, even better!

Nicole Ross
Pembroke Pines, Florida

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