Happy Birthday!

Recently we celebrated our little prince and princess's 2nd birthday!
(I just cannot believe that they are 2!) And every time their birthday
approaches (or mine) I start to think of the meaning of the word

Since I was a little girl, birthdays have
been a pretty big deal to me!
I know a lot of people look at their birthday as
something that makes them cringe, something that reminds
them that they are getting older. But to me birthdays are truely
meantto celebrate your miraculous birth!
After all, you mean the world to those that
love you ~ and that should be celebrated!
I suppose, in that regard, I am a "half full" kind of girl!

Your birthday is the day your parents waited
for, planned (or didn't).
The day that completely changed their life!
And believe me...it did!
Your birthday isn't simply just the day your life began,
it's the day your parent's lives began!

So the next time your birthday rolls around don't
sulk because you're another year older!
Look around at the people that are singing
Happy Birthday and know that they are there to celebrate you!

And....don't forget to call your Mommy and wish her a happy birthday, too!

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