Fantastic Freebies

If you recall I was pleased to offer a set of Finch & Hawk
notepads in the Spring Give Away and at that time I told you how FANTASTIC I thought Erin's design and talent was. I wanted to make sure that everyone has the chance to visit her site {HERE} and partake in her AMAZING freebies.

So today I launch HTB's Fantasitc Freebies. Not only will I feature Vale Designs freebies but other freebies that I feel are worth a mention! This is a great opportunity to find and learn of some great web & blog based designers and their great gift of what we all love....

Erin Vale the designer and owner of Finch & Hawk and Vale Designs offers

To access the PDF download simply click on

Learn more about Erin {HERE}

And as Erin asks....please use the common sense rule

COMMON SENSE RULE: PLEASE DO NOT COPY, REPRODUCE, MODIFY OR PROFIT FROM THIS DESIGN IN ANYWAY. {Cheating means we have to stop sharing. Please don't be that person.}

Thank you Erin...for filling the blog world full of some pretty amazing FREE goodies!


  1. I'm flipping for your new feature, "Fantastic Freebies". Frantic to fill in my fans who I'm sure with fall over themselves to come and frolic in freebies. You're welcome.

  2. P.S. Your blog is looking so incredibly good. I think you're a class act.


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