Easter Fun

We had a great Easter this year. Jake & Laney were so much fun. My little Bug was so excited to wear her new Easter dress & sandals. She was so proud as she ran to show her Daddy just how pretty she looked. Jake was, as usual, the man on a mission of "where's my present?!" He was so handsome in his Easter shirt!

They didn't need any explination about looking for easter eggs. They ran around the back yard yelling "I found "anudder" one!

This year really opened my eyes as to the wonder that fills Jake & Delaney's world. Everything is new and exciting! The idea of the Easter Bunny visiting their home and leaving them a basket full of goodies is pure amazement and joy.

After all the eggs were found and their belly's full they changed into their bathing "soups" and spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the water and chasing butterflies and of course..... laughing! It was a beautiful day!!!

I hope your Easter was as magical!


  1. Wow, we had almost identical Easters! Oh, except our was cold, windy, and rainy. My daughter could barely hunt for eggs because she was trying to keep her balance in the fierce wind, and she was an ice cube! But otherwise, very similar Easters! She did get very excited about showing her pretty new dress to her daddy!

  2. Their outfits are adorable and so are they!

  3. They are so cute! I'm glad ya'll had a great day!

  4. We had such a fun family day yesterday - so many of us. You both always outdo yourselves. Thanks so much - Love you - Cousin Susie

  5. What a wonderful gift you've been given. Makes me cry happy tears. You and Mr. HTB are amazing parents who never let an occasion to make them know how special they are go by.

  6. Your kids are so stinkin' cute!


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