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Well, these last few weeks have been super busy for us! We had a family emergency with my brother in law. He had emergency surgery (and is ok, thank God) so we rushed up to Vero Beach to see him when that happened. Then the following weekend we went to Orlando to visit Mickey. The kids were great! Not one temper tantrum or meltdown for anything! They were perfect little troupers waiting in line for rides! It was a dream! We got home last Monday night and settled into our routine only for Mr. HTB to tell me that he had accepted a job in Vero Beach on Saturday. Because his brother can't work (they're both electricians) Mr. HTB did the job so his brother could continue to mend after his surgery. We're home now, the kids are napping and I am sitting here at my desk catching up on emails and posts. :) It's funny at how attached we can get to our computers. If I had a laptop I would have been on it all weekend up in Vero. I miss checking on my little piece of property here on the wild wild web. I have become so invested in HTB and all of you sweet readers that I can't wait to check on you every couple of hours. I know....it sounds like I'm obsessed. LOL But I can't help it. It's my little bit of sanity! You don't whine at me! And you always have a kind word for me. Thank you for that!


  1. Oh man ... I'm a grown adult and would really, really love to take a picture with Buzz and Woody! Hehe. Looks like y'all had a great time -- So glad your BIL is alright!

  2. Moments in time that will live forever in the minds, hearts and souls of your beautiful babies. So precious.

  3. I had a major emergency last night when I couldn't find my blackberry for a couple of hours...my darling little Gracie put it in a shopping bag that then went out to the garbage. And I was SO glad I had my laptop so that I could email my hubby and ask him to call my cell phone repeatedly until I found it!

    Where, indeed, would we be without technology?


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