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Do I dare ask. I think I may be the only one on the face of the earth that was completely blindsided by this news (pardon the pun) except for the beautiful & talented Sandra Bullock. But what are your thoughts on the news of Jesse James cheating on Sandra with a cheap, nasty excuse for a woman? Like I said I'm in SHOCK!


  1. She seemed to really be happy with him and adored him. I too was blindsided and Jesse seemed really supportive of her at the Oscar's.

    She had said in her acceptance speech that she now knows what it feels like to 'have it all'. I think she has a lot to be thankful for and she is a very talented and gracious woman, she did not deserve that-nor does any woman for that matter. If the news is true, I think it's awful.

    This is just proof that there is no such thing in life as perfection. You CAN 'have it all', just not 'all at once', as Oprah has said many times.

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  2. I was also blindsided by this, I believe we all were. I have always thought they were two of a completely different kind, but loved how supportive of her he seemed to be.


  4. This story breaks my heart! I watched her interview with Barbara Walters before the Oscars and she seemed so happy.

  5. Its very sad. Such a shame. So its hard to get passed the saying "once a dog always dog, and believe that people change." He after all was in the porn business before Sandra... or his ex was anyways. So people may change, but most only change for a season or a reason, and then go back to the old.

  6. I'm so glad you asked. You can see what I think on my blog site at http://www.alwayscurtsywhenyousneeze.com

    A hard member has no conscience!

  7. I think she was shocked also, in her acceptance speech she said that Jesse taught her about love... and then just a few days later this happens. I am so sad for her. She is so real, and such a great actress.

  8. How sad! I too was super shocked. She is so classy and beautiful. The other women, not so much.


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