Funky Kids ~ FUNKY LUNCH

If your kids are anything like my Jake you are struggling to find something, ANYTHING, he'll eat. Thanks to Sandwich 365, a fantastic blog about nothing but, you guessed it.... SANDWICHES, I may have found something my picky eater might like. You can check out S365's post about these amazing sandwiches {HERE}.

Here are some Funky Lunch ideas I think any mom can attempt &
any kid would love to nosh on!


  1. They are awesome! I wished i had known about that last weekend when my picky 7 year old niece stayed with us for the weekend.

    I hope all is well N!

  2. thank you HTB. we love you at samwich365.com

  3. i love these! i have used heart cutouts and stars for years for the girls. these are too cute though! wow! now, i 'm off to see about the hioty touty blankies! i have a former preemie NICU baby girlie pie that is 2 now. love that idea! oh, and i'm stopping in from SITS. smiles!

  4. These sanwiches are so cool. I don't think I could put together something this complicated. Stopping from SITS!

  5. Ususally a blog will announce on their site that they are hosting a giveaway and you leave a comment saying you want to participate. Mommy Files followed up and made sure everyone really wanted to do it and intended to send a package along with a questionaire about things you liked. She then matched everyone up and sent a e-mail with the person you were swaping with,their address, and their questionaire answers. This time she had you swap with the person who was going to send to you.

    I did one at Christmas where I sent a package to someone and got one from someone else.

  6. Those are some impressive sandwiches!


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