Where Ya Been All My Life?!

Hi Hoity Toity Friends! I've been MIA for about a week but I'm back now. We've had a pretty busy week here at the HTB house. With the holiday's sneaking up on us I've been trying to get some sewing done in between reading books and playing "hide from the dinosaurs". And believe it or not I'm actually gearing up for my FIRST weekend away from my family! Yep, you heard me. It took me 2 1/2 years to get to the point were I am ready for a girls weekend with my favorite girls {minus my Laney Bug :(} I'm heading to Atlanta to visit my FAV aunts Lynn & Keri and the icing on the cake is that my MOM & my SEEEEESTER {Donna & Brynne} are also meeting in Atlanta for a girls weekend full of laughter, champagne & sandwiches! I will admit that the day I booked my flight I actually cried! And now that it's getting closer I am afraid to go. I don't want to leave Jake & Laney. I worry that they will forget me or WORSE think I left them for good. And that just breaks my heart. Last night I woke Mr. HTB up at about 3am and made him promise that we would Skype every morning and every evening before bedtime. I want them to know that I am still here and will be home soon.
Isn't it funny? Isn't it sad? That as Mommy's we all know we need that time away from our kids to be "us" again yet it's the hardest thing to do. I NEVER thought that I would be the kind of Mother that NEVER left her children's side. I thought it would be easy to plan a weekend away. BUT OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE HARDEST THING I'VE EVER DECIDED TO DO! Even Aunt Keri keeps saying "I wish Jake & Laney were coming with you". I do too, Aunt Keri, but I don't Aunt Keri!
The best part is that Mr. HTB says he will be breaking them of their binkie while Mommy's away! Good I say to that! You do it. You stay home with them while they are crying and begging for their "B"! Because I'll be honest.....for my sake, when they ask for that little teeth morpher after a long, long, whiny day....I look for it as fast as I can for my own peace!
So I'll be out of the loop again from Friday to Tuesday but know that I'm no "Blog Abandoner" !
I'm here and I'll be back!


  1. Have a fun trip!! It's good to get away!

  2. Hope you had a great trip! Sometimes those "recharges" are just vital.


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