Happy Saturday Friends

Happy Weekend everyone!

Enjoy your time home with your family!

Enjoy the weather, whatever it may be!

Enjoy your kids...even tho they are driving you insane (I am!)

Take a moment for yourself!

Hug your husband!

Hug your babies!

And if you're so inclined....

Vote for HTB {Here}


Don't forget to enter the TygrLilies Doll Give Away {Here}


  1. Those ideas have my vote. It's all that matters in the end. Really. keri www.sandwich365.com

  2. Look at Laney's face here. She is so beautiful. And then look at Jake, he's so damn handsome. I love them.

  3. PS... is it REALLY necessary to have the capshas for comments? Personally, I think it's over kill. What? You didn't ask for my opinion on capshas for comments? In that case, no charge.

  4. p.s. 87????????????????? REALLY?? 87????

  5. fabulous photo, and i'm a tad jealous of the weather!

  6. Beautiful Pic of all of you!


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