Our Brush With Fame {That's A Wrap}

The phone call we received was a complete shock! After all, each time we experienced the next phase we would enter it full of hope and leave slightly deflated. But no one was taking this away from us now! Jake & Laney had the part! {Now mind you, there are a million kids in the movie Marley and Me ~ But don't worry ~ I'll tell you exactly which scenes they are in}

{The house in Hollywood}

{Jennifer Aniston}

Our scenes didn't start filming until April 2008. As we'd planned my Mom flew in from Dallas to "help us on the set". Really, come on, by this time Mr. HTB and I had our little routine down to a science. Mom was really there just to experience it all and to meet Jennifer Aniston! And, lets face it, who wouldn't! We were beyond excited about this! If I could have figured out a way to get my entire family there I would have, believe you me!

{Daddy & Jake on the set}

Our first day of filming we arrived to the location at about 5pm. The "home base" was a local Hollywood church. We walked into the auditorium of the church to find a huge part of the crew and some of the cast there eating dinner. We filled out the necessary paperwork and sat off to the side. Soon, other babies were arriving. {hmmmm....other babies? Okay} As we sat there talking and trying to guess what would happen our PA {production assistant} came over to let us know that they had a room at a motel across from the house they were filming at. We gathered our things and headed out to the car envisioning a room equipped with a bed, chair & TV, you know, the normal hotel/motel set up. Boy were we WRONGO!

{The 2nd day of filming}

When we arrived at the motel it was so exciting to see the entire street blocked off and the equipment and people everywhere! We entered the room only to find that it was completely empty. There was a window AC and 2 plastic lawn chairs. Not exactly the "star treatment" but as far as we were concerned we were at the Four Seasons! The other babies & parents soon arrived to the room and while we were hospitable and talkative, they sat to the side and kept to themselves. OK, maybe that's because we had our pack & play in the center of the small room. To be quite honest, we weren't aware that there would be any other kids there.

{Our PA~ Mario}

The PA came to take us to the set's "holding area" where wardrobe would meet us so that we could dress Jake & Laney in matching outfits. As we readied Jake & Laney we soon saw the director and Jennifer Aniston talking on the set. Suddenly, it hit us! WE WERE ON THE SET OF MARLEY AND ME AND THERE WAS FREAKING JENNIFER ANISTION {RACHEL PEOPLE} EX~WIFE OF BRAD PITT! MOVIE STAR! IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE! Mr. HTB, Mom and I were told that they would try one baby first and asked to decide who we thought they would have the most success with. It was unanimous! Jake would probably take to her best. {Lucky Mr. HTB} He and Jake were led over to Jennifer. Mom and I watched as they talked a bit and Jennifer started playing with Jake's feet trying to coax him into her arms. Pretty soon the PA was back asking me to bring Delaney over! JAKE WOULDN'T GO TO JENNIFER ANISTON ~ POOR LITTLE GUY ~ HE'LL NEVER LIVE THIS DOWN!

{The set}

Delaney and I walked over and Jennifer, looked at me, rubbed my arm and said "Hi, I'm Jen, nice to meet you!". WHAT? I KNOW WHO YOU ARE! YOUR JENNIFER FREAKIN' ANISTON! We had some very awkward, star struck conversation and before I knew it, Delaney, MY DAUGHTER, was in the arms of an Emmy winning, television and movie STARRRRRRRR!

{Delaney ~ my little cowboy}
{Dressed as cowBOYS}

We were told that we were to stay just out of shot as they filmed and were even invited to sit behind the director and watch the shots on the small monitor. We were so excited! This was the BIG TIME! And each and every person on the set treated us like we were the stars. Well, except for Owen Wilson's bodyguard. Apparently, while watching the monitor during the filming I got a little too close to Mr. Wilson , who was siting in a chair watching the monitor as well, {and who, by the way, never said one word to us} and he shot me a look that literally made me think, he may just tackle me to the ground if I don't move. So I moved. And incidentally, Jennifer's bodyguard was extremely kind and would stand and talk to us while Jennifer was filming.

{On the set}

The scene they filmed that night was actually cut from the movie. It would have been just after the stabbing scene. If you've seen the movie, you know the scene I'm talking about. Jennifer is standing in the front yard of their house and watching as the neighbor girl is put into the ambulance and holding Delaney. {She held her all night long! Laney even fell asleep in her arms and Jennifer didn't want to put her down between takes. She sat with her in a chair and loved on her so sweetly ~ I wish I could have taken a picture of that}

The scene took all night to film. Like I said before we arrived at the set at about 5pm and we didn't leave until 2am. At one point they asked us if Jake & Laney would be able to stay to continue shooting. I literally looked around, and saw one of the "standby babies" off to the side and said "Of course we can stay!" This was a once in a lifetime opportunity...I wasn't going to let a "standby baby" take over! We don't need no stinkin' standby babies! {Isn't that horrible of me} :) I can't help it! Besides, we came with our own back up baby, Jake! And he got his chance again to be in this scene. And this time he went to Jennifer!

As they wrapped the scene, Jennifer came over to us with Delaney and gently handed her back to me. She thanked us and said "See you tomorrow!" What? We knew we were scheduled to film at least 2 more times, but we weren't scheduled to come back until the following week! They decided to use Jake & Laney in additional scenes! Our 3 scenes ended up being 4-5 scenes and would keep us filming for 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{Leaving the set for the last time}
Our final 2 days of shooting were on the set in Coconut Grove. The set was amazing! It was a full replica of the house we shot at in Hollywood. Minus the roof! Mr. HTB was in the set with Jake as they shot all of the home movies. As I sat just out side Jennifer Aniston's make~up girl told us that, while she shouldn't say this, Jake and Delaney were Jennifer's favorite of all the babies! It really touched my heart! From day one Jennifer made sure that we felt welcome! She would wave to us when we arrived on set. Then come over to "talk" to the babies. One time even announcing to everyone how cute Laney was when she mimiced Jennifer chewing her gum. And another time squeezing Jake's bottom with both hands saying she loved his squishy heiney. And as Mr. HTB and Jake finished that final scene our PA, Mario anncounced "That's a wrap for Jake and Dealaney Ross!" Everyone on set, including Jennifer , Owen and the director applauded. It was a magical experience and one that I will never tire of telling!

Shortly after the movie was releaced, a friend of ours called to tell us that he was looking through an "I Can Read Beginning Reading Book" called Marley & Me ~ Marley to the Rescue! and in the book are pictures of Jennifer Aniston holding Delaney from that first night we filmed! I cannot tell you how honored, proud and amazed we are to have been a part of something so special! It will be a story to tell Jake & Laney's children.

A list of the scenes Jake & Delaney are in! {And in case I forgot to mention, Jake & Delaney both played the same baby ~ a boy ~ Baby Patrick}

Delaney ~

  1. The scene described above ~ is actually on the double CD set in the deleted scenes.

  2. Jennifer Aniston is holding Delaney, Owen drives up to the house with Marley and sees them through the window. Jennifer, bouncing with Delaney, points out the window and you see her mouth the words, "there's daddy".
Jake ~

  1. Jennifer is sitting at her dining room table on the phone trying to work. "Baby Patrick" is on the floor next to Marley who is laying on his side. Jennifer looks over as "Baby Patrick" is putting toys on Marley and starting to stand up. She yells "Patrick , No!" {During the filming I am crouched down behind the wall just to the right of Marley.} {Jennifer then goes, picks up Jake, and takes him back to the table and let's Jake talk on the phone to her boss ~ that part was deleted}

  2. At the end of the movie, Patrick ~ now about 11~ puts in a VHS tape featuring home movies of him and Marley over the years. Jake is the baby in the home movies. He's wearing a cowboy hat, standing over Marley with Jennifer behind him, sitting in a highchair and Jennifer is feeding him banana, and standing on the changing table as Owen JAKE IN HIS FIRST FILM EVER!!!! POOR LITTLE GUY....HE'LL NEVER LIVE THAT DOWN EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

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