Our Brush With Fame {Take Two}

When we arrived at home from the open casting call I was very disappointed with our mornings events. I unpacked the overly stuffed diaper bag and called Mr. HTB and then my Mom to tell them how foolish I felt having prepared like I did.

A few weeks later {maybe it was only a week and a half later ~ but it felt like weeks and weeks} we were on our way to dinner with our friends when my cell phone rang. Normally I wouldn't answer it, especially when I'm in the back of some one's car and we're having adult conversation but this time I answered it! On the other end of the line was the casting department with great news that we'd received a call back and would need to be at the Intercontinental Hotel in Coconut Grove that Tuesday!!! I COULDN'T BELIEVE WHAT I WAS HEARING! In the span of 2 seconds all my excitement returned! I was the MOTHER of the TWINS that received a call back! LOL If I was this excited about a call back, what would I do if they actually were cast in the part? OMG! I called EVERY SINGLE person I knew! At that point...dinner was the last thing on my mind.
That following Tuesday I dressed my little movie stars in their "Hollywood ensembles" and readied for our big meeting. Mr. HTB took the day off of work to accompany me, Jake & Laney to the call back and when we arrived I was shocked, AGAIN! Here I am thinking that we were one of a few that were called back yet when we walked into the waiting room there were about 100 kids there. They were all over the place! Toe heads, baldies, babies, toddlers, kids. I gathered my composure and waited like all the rest of the anxious parents.

When they finally called our name we were led into the banquet room of the hotel along with another family with TRIPLETS! TOE~HEADED TRIPLETS! They walked in ahead of us and took over. Mr. HTB & I stood back with J & L and just watched as she and her gang walked up to the director {David Frankel} and started talking. Instantly I thought...we're wasting our time! In the meantime, as we waited, I started talking with the casting director. As I had promised her I brought along a few other pictures of the kids and I asked her if she would hold Laney while I dug them out of the diaper bag. Laney went to her happily and as I took her back the director walked over to us, introduced himself and asked if the kids could crawl. We answered yes and placed them on the ground. Mr. Frankel sat on the ground and sweetly called Laney and Jake toward him. Laney, as if on cue, crawled over to him, looked up at him, and gave him the biggest, toothless grin she could muster up! Instantly, everyone in the room started laughing. He asked us if we had dogs, we answered yes. He asked if the kids were scared of dogs, we said no. It was then that he thanked us for coming and we were on our way.

We left the room with a new found hope. And as we were leaving some other parents that we had been talking with before we were called asked what it was like in there. As we were telling them, someone asked if we had been asked to stick around. NOoooooooooooooooooooo. No one asked us to stay. They just said "Thank you for coming." That was it. Again, we left with our hope lost. THIS WAS SUCH A ROLLER COASTER! We tried to put it aside and continue with our afternoon. We took the kids across the street and had lunch on the water then headed home.

We arrived home at about 6pm. And as we walked into the house my cell phone rang. IT WAS THE CASTING DIRECTORS OFFICE! OMG! All I heard him say was "Congratulations! Jake & Delaney have been chosen to play the 1st born son of Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson in Marley & Me!"

Are you kidding me?
I was shaking!
I couldn't believe it!
This was sooooooooooooooo exciting!
{To be continued...}


  1. How cool!!!!!!

    I just watched Marley and Me this morning!

  2. What?!!! I'm fairly new to your blog but am I reading this right? lol...do you have famous sweet babies? ;) This post was super fun to read by the way and I'll be back to finish reading your story!

  3. Congrats...I must say they deserve the part they are the cutest kids I have ever seen. These are what we as parents call PRICELESS MOMENTS!

  4. LOL.. when do acting/dancing classes start for these two? Nevermind pre-school and potty training. Do the important things first.


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