I just found a blog called "Whatever", and I love it! The name describes such a wide array of meanings that I didn't know what I would find when I opened the door into the story and snippets of the blogger's world. What I DIDN'T find was that sarcastic, snotty "whatever" I sometimes feel or even say! What I found was the story of a family of 7 shown in mostly pictures and captions. The "whatever" I found was the "whatever" life throws them. "Whatever" they're doing. "Whatever" they want their lives to be. And it was inspiring to me as a wife, mother, woman, daughter, sister, friend and blogger.

Every now and then we all lose sight of what is important. We let the everyday stresses take over and allow the happy, joyful moments that pop in and out of our lives to go unnoticed or view them as being unimportant at that moment. I am guilty of this. But seeing the fun this family has makes me take pause and reflect on what is important to me! For this, I thank "Whatever". If you can, take a look at their blog.

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  1. So true, and so good that you are stopping to smell the roses. Life can be sweet and fun. It's a choice.


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