Up and Over

That's it! They've got it in for me! Well Jake does...I suppose I should be counting my blessings that it's taken almost exactly 2 years for this to begin. I have heard stories from many friends telling the tale of their own escape artists! Only those stories start out with...."You're lucky...My little darling started climbing out of the crib at 11 months!". Then they go on to tell me some horrifyingly funny story.

For me it started when we were visiting the Aunts over at Spit & Glue this last weekend. Jake(who is 2) learned he could climb out of his port-a-crib. That seemed understandable. After all they are practically on the ground. But so far, I'd dodged the bullet. Neither he or his sister had mastered the crib climbing yet...................UNTIL TODAY!

As I was sitting here at my computer posting about our trip...here came Jake. Fresh from his nap. I couldn't believe it. I called his Daddy immediately to tell him the news. And told him it's time to convert the beds to toddler beds. The days of my little ones being thought of as babies has past! They are fresh faced little devils that are exploring their world with abandon! And while I want them to learn and to grow. I WANT IT ALL TO STOP THIS VERY MINUTE! I want them to stay little. I want them to need and want us for as long as possible. I want those kisses and tight hugs to keep coming.

My babies are growing and changing too fast! Every night when we put them to bed I whisper to them. I quietly ask that they don't grow too much over night. But they don't listen. Because each morning when they wake they are slightly taller, their faces are some how different and their world is some how bigger. I guess there's nothing for me to do but to give in, continue to photograph their faces and their discoveries and deal with it. I guess that's all any parent can do!


  1. I look for the crib climbing day to come very soon. Milee loves to climb so I can't believe she hasn't figured it out. How old are the twins?

  2. They were 2 on May 25th. The little buggers!

  3. Imagine how exciting it was for Monkey the first time he climbed out of the travel crib. THEN he applied his new found talent at home in his crib! I'll Bet that was a HUGE THRILL... Good luck, Mommy!


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