I am such a proud Mommy this morning! Delaney is simply brilliant (as every Mommy believes of their child)! Since she and her brother turned one a year ago I have been dreading/dreaming of the day when they are ready to potty train. As any of you Mommy's out there know diapers are EXPENSIVE! And when you're buying enough for 2 they are REALLY EXPENSIVE!

Well, last month they turned 2 and I decided that it is time to start our attempt at potty training. As Keith and I have discussed our children about a million and one times, I commented to him that I really thought that Jake would be a bit harder to potty train than Laney. He just seems more aloof than her. And while he's a smarty, Delaney just seems to interact/comprehend/want to please us a bit more than her "cool car" brother. So last night I went to a local baby store with their Aunt Kathy to pick out potty chairs. Little did I know what the night would have in store for our little family!

When I got home both of my little monsters were in the the tub. Laughing, playing and just being sooooo stinking cute! When I walked into the bathroom I got the happy, excited greeting I usually get from my gang! But when I showed them their new potty chairs they couldn't wait to get out and see them. I left Daddy to his tubby time and went out into the kitchen to start cleaning up dinner when I heard Daddy saying to Laney...."WOW, LET'S GET MOMMY AND SHOW HER!". Instantly I knew what had happened.

Soon Laney arrived at my feet, took me by the hand and led me into the bathroom to show me her accomplishment! I knelt down and with true and honest excitement I screeched...."YOU WENT PEE-PEE IN THE POTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A GOOD GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". The look of pride on my little 2 year old daughter's face was PRICELESS! She was so happy and proud of what she'd done that her excited smile stayed on her face for the next 30 minutes. (and the fact that I talked about it for the next hour didn't hurt, either). We quickly called Grandma, Aunt Lynn, Aunt Keri, Auntie Brynne and Aunt Kathy to tell them the news. Then went next door to tell our friends Carol, Charlie, Shelby and Danielle!

Daddy told me that after he got them out of the tub he dried them off and placed each naked baby on the potties. After a bit he picked Jake up and took him into the bedroom to dress him for bed. As he was dressing Jake, Laney went back into the bathroom and closed the door. He finished with Jake, opened the bathroom door and found her on the potty. She looked up at him, waved & said "bye-bye poo-poo". (This is her normal salutation when I change her diaper whether peeps or poops) When Keith stood her up he looked to find that she had, in deed, peed in the potty!

Now, like I said in the beginning of this blog, I knew she would be a bit quicker to catch on, but come on, SHE'S A FREAKING GENIUS!

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  1. I love the baby Bijorn Potty!!! I can't wait till Nik is potty training! Thanks for joining! I'm a newbie and I appreciate the LOVE!


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