Ok, now I know most people make the family trek to Walt Disney World maybe once a year. (If they're lucky) And I know that many think that we go too much. But when I see the smile on Jake & Delaney's faces when we are there I immediately start planning our next trip! And living just a short 3 hour drive from there makes it easy!

But this time, it isn't a planned trip! My sister in law, Dee, and niece, Savannah, are there this week (from North Carolina) and I can't have them a mere 3 hours away and not go see them. (ok.....and it's a good excuse to go to DISNEY) I just can't help myself! I'm probably the biggest kid there is! I LOVE DISNEY! L O V E IT! Sooooooooooooooooooo the reservations are made and the parks are there just waiting for me, erm...us! Look for the post of our trip on Sunday or Monday!
And as Mickey would say... "See ya real soon!"


  1. Hi there, even though I don't have any little children,my youngest boy is 12! I think you do a beautiful range of clothing. As a stylist,I would be proud to recomend your clothing line, to any UK mums I meet,who are looking for inspiration for the perfect party look for their little one. I have to confess, I have never been to America or Disney boo hoo, maybe one day!x

  2. That would be fantastic! Thank you so much! And yes, you should get to Disney sometime! It's wonderful! ~ Nicole Hoity Toity Baby


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