Spring Is In the Air!

At least it is at our house. Besides Laney having her first crush {I'll post about that later} we have 2 bird nests in our front yard.
This little one is nesting just outside Laney's bedroom window.
She is so excited to see the birdie every morning.

Laney explained to me that "those eggs are gonna 'atch like me and Jakey
did in your tummy and I'm gonna hold them!"

This is a Mockingbird nest...which if any of you are familiar with Mockingbirds
know that they protect their nests like crazy by dive bombing you and pecking at your head! The best part is that it is at the end of our front yard just infront of my car!
This will make for a very interesting spring!


  1. Fantastic photos here, really beautiful. Laney seems to "get it"!! What does Jake think?

    Glad to see you back at HTB.. texted you again last nite. no answer again.

    take care, keri

  2. Sorry, phone was dead and I was in bed very early. Really tired last night.

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