We all have them. Most of us are them. But no matter how old we get and how many children we have of our own we all still need our parents. As children we admire our parents. We look up to them and dream of being just like them. As teenagers we view them as dumb over protective snoopers whose job it is to kill our buzz. And as adults (especially in movies) parents are depicted as meddlesome intruders we can't wait to get away from.

I've never felt that way. I've always admired my parents and looked to them for advice. I guess I'm a lucky one. I have the most amazing, loving, good natured, funny parents in the world. The way they love me, my husband and my kids fills my heart with joy. I thank the universe for giving me my parents and hope that one day Jake & Laney will feel the same way about me & Mr. HTB


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