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When I was planning my wedding I was on The Knot {dot} com all day everyday! It was my ritual. I looked up venues, menus and everything in between. The day we were married I never looked back. I never visited my friend of a year. I should have because the people over at the knot were creating new informative sites that I would have immersed myself in. Like The Nest {dot} com and The Bump {dot} com. Oh to go back a few years and know about The bump {dot} com! I would have jumped into everything baby to the nth degree. {LOL yeah...I know...I did anyway} But how I wish I could go back and know then what I know now! That the bump {dot} com is the mecca of all things baby and baby related! It is Hoity Toity BABY!
I found it today because Rebecca over at Ella Minnow Pea and The Pink Orange has submitted her darling nursery in the bump's "Our Real Nursery Contest" . It's a fantastic contest and I am such a fan of Rebbeca and her talent as a designer that I immediately went over to the bump and voted for her nursery.
After I cast my vote I was hooked. And my kids are far from bumps anymore! But I couldn't help myself! And you won't either.... I promise. Sorry!


  1. awww... thank you so much Nicole! I truly appreciate it!


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