Party On!

The countdown has begun! We're getting ready for tomorrows Birthday Bash!
Jake & Laney's 3rd BIRTHDAY PARTY!

I can't believe they are turning 3! I couldn't even tell you when we crossed that elusive threshold from BABIES to TODDLERS to KIDS! But we did! And I'm sad & happy & proud that they are growing into the funny, sweet, loving people they are! But enough of the sappy sentiment....let's talk PAR-TAY!

If I'd been blessed with 2 boys or 2 girls the "theme" aspect of the party would be simple. We'd {OK I'd) pick out their favorite character and run with it! I'd theme the party OUT! But that's not my reality. This year Mr. HTB and I took them to Party City and let them choose their themes. And this is what we were faced with. Wait for it...................


Yep... that's my reality! So I went with it!

Laney's celebration will be decked out in pinks & purples, Ariel & Flounder and everything princess and girlie!

Jake's celebration will be filled with fantastic "battle" sounds that only boys can make and classic "good vs. evil" Transformer style!

As a little girl we ALWAYS had birthday parties. Of course, the parties you and I remember as kids with home made cake, ice cream, party hats & pin the tail on the donkey have been replaced over the years with grand and elaborate parties that include things like bounce houses, custom cakes, Djs and character appearances. The party is as much for the adults as the kids and I'm all for that!

I will continue the fantastic birthday party tradition my own Mommy started for me and
celebrate the day Jake & Laney took over my world! At some point I am sure their parties will be separate and filled with classmates and best friends. But for now we will invite friends & family to celebrate our 2 amazing kiddies!

So this year.... the Little Mermaid & Transformers will party on together in harmony. They will enjoy hot dogs & hamburgers, lemonade, ice cream & cake. They'll jump, bounce & swim till their little hearts are content. And then we will all pass out! I can't wait!

What are some of your fondest childhood birthday memories!
Leave a comment & share!
Party On!


  1. I have a twin brother and we alsways had our parties together. Strawberry Shortcake and The Transformers, Rainbow Bright and He-man.....
    I am sure it will be tons of fun

  2. Aww..happy birthday to your little ones!

    My fondest memories are a barbie cake that my mom made and all of the fun crafts and games that she would include in our birthdays! I can't help but pass that onto my own children's parties!

  3. What a fun party. I seriously can't imagine having twins and all the work it is. Go Mom!

    My favorite parties were the slumber parties!

  4. Oh, I forgot the main reason I came over to your blog was to tell you thank you for following us housewives over at The RHOK.

    Dawn's Diversions AKA Mrs. Albright @TheRHOK


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