Hoity Toity Review ~ Twirl Bird's Twirl Skirts

As one who loves to sew and create adorable clothing for little princesses all around the country I was instantly in LOVE when I found Amy {the little twirly bird} at Twirl!

I instantly contacted Amy and offered to do a review of her adorable skirts. Made by hand in Amy's sewing room overlooking her gorgeous yard each skirt is created with love and just enough whimsy to make a girl of any age twirl with excitement!

The moment Delaney's Twirl Skirt arrived she was so excited to wear it. And so was I! The quality is outstanding! The colors so bright and modern! And the second she slipped it on it was like summer was here!

Every little girl should have a Twirl Skirt!
And just like Amy says....
twirl skirts are funky.
twirl skirts are fun.
twirls are for girls ages 2 to 91!

{To purchase a Twirl Skirt or to visit the Twirl Bird Blog simply click on the graphics above}


  1. Those skirts are VERY cute! I think haley needs one. Any chance of a giveaway for one?

  2. She's the perfect model too. The skirt is too cute, such the girl thing, I love it.

  3. I bought a skirt for my girlie and Amy DOES make an outstanding product. I highly recommend such cuteness to everyone :)

  4. cool blog!!


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