Swanky Bakes

Who doesn't love all things baked with love!?
I know that I do and when I found Swanky Bakes
on Etsy I had an instant craving!
Look at these adorable bites of suggary heaven.

Perfect for St. Patty's Day

And to let that special someone know how you feel!

Here's what inspired Ms. Swanky Bakes

"Swanky Bakes was created out of a
desire to make a sugar cookie that not only
looked amazing, but that tasted just as good as it looked.
After baking my heart out for baby showers and birthday parties,
I decided to try my hand at my own cookie business venture!
All cookies are soft and buttery with my yummy royal icing on top. Everything you see is decorated by hand! It's a great way to use an art degree!"

Perfectly delectable!

Please visit her Etsy store {HERE}


  1. Awesome presentation!

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    thanks for sharing this awesome cuteness with the world!

    have a fabulous day!


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