We're Back!

Happy New Year everyone! I know that I didn't do much "blah"ing over the holidays but that's for a good reason! As you all know we packed up our SUV with kids & Santa's loot and headed North to more seasonable weather and holiday fun! We started our trip with the intentions of spending the entire week in Atlanta over at Spit & Glue and decided {upon my Dad's urging} to pack up the SUV again and head a little West to Big D! We actually ended up splitting our vacation in half and arrived in Dallas on my Dad's 68th birthday! {Happy B~day Daddy!} Spending Christmas with the Aunties & New Years with my parents was the best Christmas gift Mr. HTB could have given me. I miss them terribly and live for the times when we are together. And let me tell you, seeing my Mom, Dad, Aunts & Siblings gush over Jake & Laney fills my heart with such a joy words can't explain!

Jake & Laney are EXCEPTIONAL travelers! They sit back, snack & watch their favorite movies. And boy, did they watch some movies! Their latest & greatest is the Leap Frog series teaching them the letters {and their sounds} of the alphabet! They literally watched it for 10 hours on our drive from ATL to DFW! But let me tell you something.....by the time we got to Dallas little Miss Laney was pointing out letters on billboards! Thank you Leap Frog!

Santa made ANOTHER visit to Jake & Laney at Aunt Lynn's house! They were so excited I caught a picture of them looking out Aunt Lynn's bedroom window as Santa paraded around the 128 year old farm house! {Thanks Auntie KK ~ You're a great Santa} And after he was gone they tore open those Christmas presents so fast I couldn't believe it. It's amazing at how much they have changed in a years time. And I am more than thankful for the ability to be here at home with them to watch it happen!

Santa brought me a few little gifts this year. Just some small tokens that I'd asked for...a new flat iron and more importantly a new camera. It's a Nikon....not the mac~daddy Nikon, but a fun little camera that will capture many of our family's memories. Thank you Santa!

On top of all of the family fun we enjoyed some of the best weather we've experienced in a while! We were able to get out of the oppressive 80 degree weather and bask in the 20~45 degree weather of Atlanta & Dallas. And the best part is that we brought it back to South Florida with us! I LOVE IT! There is NOTHING better than getting all bundled up and going outside to play with my kids! And that's exactly what we are doing as soon as they wake up from their nap! :)


  1. I'm jealous of your happy travelers. Mine hate long trips!

  2. You have some exceptionally cute travelers there. Glad to see you back.

  3. I'm so in love with these kids and these photos of these kids. I think the ones of the twins in their car seats are precious, but what about the one of Laney and Dad watching out the window on Christmas morning. Too sweet. These moments in time will forever be scetched in my mind. Interacting with them at this special age is such a wonderful gift. I wish they wouldn't grow with such warp speed, even tho I know every age from here will be as full of wonder. Thank you for making the trip and making sure we were all together. You made that happen and I love you for it. K


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