Naughty or Nice?

I've been both. Yeppers...I will admit it! This year has been a bit difficult for me at times. Mr. HTB is the best husband because he looks past the naughty and focuses on the nice. THANK GOODNESS!

It's so hard to believe that we've done Halloween and Thanksgiving and we're working on Christmas! Honestly, where does the time go? Days string together like the garland on the tree and by the time we know it we're breaking that tree down and gearing up for a new year, a new beginning, a new day.

My house is decorated, albeit, not like it used to be when I had time to help Mr. HTB string the lights upon our home. But it's festive in it's decor with Nutcrackers watching over us and garland lit with a twinkle. Jake & Laney find something new to look at each day and help to remind me what this season is all about. For some, it's Jesus, for others it's a festival of lights and for others it's about family. Some begrudge the capitalism of Christmas while others dive in with open hearts and wallets. So however you may feel about this season remember we all share in it's infinite joy of watching our children {be it your own children or not} on Christmas morning as they wake us with joyful amazement of what that jolly old man has left for them. To me, that is what Christmas is about. Joy. Simple Joy.

So to all you Ebenezer's, Grinch's & bah~hum~buger's out there I hope that you can find some joy in this season!


  1. I've already started celebrating too! Every chance I get to do something Christmasy I'm taking it! Good reminder.

  2. Gosh~ I've yet to take down the Thanksgiving stuff! It was so pretty, I want to have Thanksgiving dinner every night;o) I need to get my butt in gear and get on the Christmas decorations!

  3. That Santa Cookie Jar sure does look familiar!
    I'm relishing the weather, the season, the decorations here. We're so much looking forward to having people we love come over to celebrate. Makes it a Christmas instead of just another day.

  4. seriously, how is it almost christmas! children bring so much joy to the holidays!


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